You know every student has the potential to succeed in STEM. That’s why you donate to FIRST® – to help young people find the tools and inspiration they need to prepare for the future.

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Watch a video about the latest findings five years after students in the study entered a FIRST program – your support enables this.

We’re proud to share strong evidence from a rigorous multi-year longitudinal study by Brandeis University* that shows FIRST is advancing its mission to increase the number of students interested in STEM – and that interest is influencing their educational and career choices. FIRST programs have a positive impact on all FIRST students – regardless of gender, race, income, or community type.

In addition, FIRST participants develop skills in teamwork, problem solving, and communication, preparing them for success in school and the future workforce.

Together, we are inspiring generations of global citizens and helping them realize their power to build a better world.

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