First Class Meeting

First Class of 2019

WildStang’s first class meeting was on 9-9-19. During the meeting, headteacher Jon Wong discussed the team’s plan this year and WildStang’s purpose. After the whole team met, students broke off into their respective sub-teams and met each other for the first time this season. 

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The sub-teams produced plans for the year and learned more about the sub-team and each other.

In the communications sub-team, students will work on filming and producing a video for potential sponsors and keep updating the website, ideally one blog post per week. The communications team will also contribute to the Chairman’s award, pit awards, and logo design.

The electrical team will go through all aspects of the team computers, from the basic components of the computers to how to protect the circuit from shorting with breakers and. They will also be learning about Ohm’s law, which is the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance. The students will also learn about draining electricity from a battery. They will learn how to solder wiring correctly. Kids will also learn how pneumatics and air pressure work together, all while getting hands-on experience so the students understand what they’re doing.

During the first mechanical meeting, The mentors discussed what they will teach freshmen and sophomores. This includes Solidworks and shop skills, such as working on the router, which cut out parts, and the new Markforged printers, which are high tech 3-D printers. The upperclassmen will be also working with new printers and small projects around the shop. These projects will include protecting the Markforged printers with bumpers and building a new drive base for the robot.

The software sub-team has gotten some new mentors, including one WildStang Alumnus, bringing some changes this year. Every meeting, half the class time will be used for presentations about basic software programming and the other half will be used to teach and learn JavaScript. After the software students learn more about basic coding, they will be taught how to apply that to the robot, by looking at previous robot coding. WildStang will also be programming a scouting app this year, this app will be coded with all subteams, so everyone has a chance to give their feedback on the app. This is to save paper, increase communication during competitions, and collaborate with the rest of WildStang, and hopefully more teams in the future.

All of this is in preparation for the upcoming build season, which everyone is looking forward to.