Koch Family Scholarship

Koch Family Scholarship

Mark Koch, his wife Cathy, and daughter Mary Margaret are proud to sponsor a $4,000 scholarship for a student or students on the WildStang Robotics Team. Mark was the leader of the team from 1995-2016, a total of 21 years. The team experienced numerous successes during this time, including numerous regional championships, engineering awards, world championships in 2003, 2009, and 2011, the Chairman’s Award for best overall team in 2006, and participation in the White House Science Fair in 2012. The Koch family is proud that you are a senior on the team and hopefully, you have many fond memories of your participation.

There are many objectives of FIRST, but the objective of volunteerism and paying it forward is the subject of this scholarship.

The WildStang Robotics Support Association (WRSA) will select two board members, or their designees, to participate in the scholarship evaluation, along with two adult mentors. If a parent is a mentor, they should represent either the mentors or the WRSA board, not both. Evaluators will read the applications and select one winner for a $4,000 scholarship or two, $2,000 scholarship winners. The scholarship recipient(s) will be announced at the Awards Night at the conclusion of the season. The scholarship money may be used for tuition, housing, or books. Winners will have their name added to a plaque that will be displayed by the team.

The application deadline is Monday, March 2, 2020. Applications should be sent to: Mark Koch, 187 W. Adams St., Elmhurst, IL 60126. You can also email them to mkochrmhs@gmail.com. When emailing, please look for a return email acknowledging the receipt of the application. Without an acknowledgement, assume Mr. Koch does not have your application.


  1. The applicant must be a two, three, or four-year member of the WildStang Robotics Team.
  2. The applicant must attend a two or four year school of higher education.


  1. The applicant will complete and return the attached cover sheet. Applicants should know that Grade Point average is requested, but not the most important factor in awarding the scholarship.
  2. The successful applicant will write a 500-word, typed paper describing his/her volunteer efforts, both within FIRST, the WildStang Team, and in the community. Additionally, the applicant will describe volunteer efforts they want to continue in the future. Leadership and organizational accomplishments should be included. A winning essay will clearly identify how the student has given back to the community, FIRST, and why this is important to him/her.

The application deadline is Monday, March 2, 2020.

Download Information Packet and Application