Robot Reveal 2020



Robot Reveal



WildStang’s robot reveal was a success! This past Saturday parents, siblings, and friends of WildStang students gathered in MacArthur Middle School’s gym to see what the team has been up to the past few months.


The afternoon began with Jon Wong, WildStang’s head instructor, recapping the season and giving many exciting announcements. First, he introduced this year’s drive team with Nicholas D. as the manipulator, Ben P. as the driver, Dominic R. as the backup manipulator, and Annalise G. as the backup driver. Congratulations to all.

He then announced our teams FIRST award nominees. For the Dean’s List Award, the team nominated Sarah R. and Maeve M., who have demonstrated FIRST Core Values both inside and outside of the WildStang community. Also, our team nominated Jamie Beedy for the Woodie Flowers award, which serves as a way for FRC teams to recognize distinguished adult mentors. The winners of these Deans List and Woodie Flowers Awards will be announced at the upcoming Midwest Regional. Next, he touched on the numerous scholarships that WildStang and FIRST offer to students.

Next up in the presentation, two videos, produced by the communications sub team, were shown. The first video is a recap of everything the team has been working on since the start of build season. The second video, the teams 2020 robot reveal, highlights the capabilities of this year’s WildStang robot.

Rounding off the presentation, Jon handed off the microphone to select students to talk about the robot. The students from the Mechanical, Software, and Electrical sub teams talked about the mechanics of the main robot parts, their importance to the robot, and insights on code.

Following the presentation, the team put on a demonstration of this year’s robot and provided tours of the team’s workshop, including our professional CNC routers and Markforged printers. This year’s Infinite Recharge team uniform was unveiled and new this year: long sleeve and tie-dye hoodies. WRSA was selling this year and prior year T-shirt’s, stickers, and offering refreshments.

To sum up, the robot reveal gave parents an insight into what WildStang students have been working tirelessly on for the entire build season.