Build Season: Week 8



Week Eight:

Wrap Up


WildStang students, teachers, and mentors followed the philosophy of “Eat. Sleep. Robots. Repeat” this week. Everyday the shop got flooded with eager WildStang members on a mission. This week has been full of extra driver practices, mentor meetings, and team events. WildStang has made tons of progress, and is ready for Midwest Regionals.

The Mechanical subteam put their problem solving skills to the test this week. After encountering a broken axle, everybody came together to fix it. It was no easy feat, but they persevered and managed to repair the robot the same night. Minor tweaks and software tuning also took place, along with numerous driver practices. After interviewing Ben P., the head driver, it has been deduced that the most challenging aspects of driving the robot include but are not limited to maneuvering around the trench and other obstacles while maintaining a strong communicative relationship with fellow members of the pit crew.

With the exception of tuning the limelight, the Software subteam mainly worked on the autonomous section’s programming this week. They planned out steps for the program and collaborated with each other in hopes of having an effective program. In the upcoming week, the software subteam will test the autonomous program on the field. These tests will ensure that their shoots are accurate.

The Electrical subteam was very active this week. Some members worked on putting the terminals on the batteries, while others zip tied LEDS, and others assisted around the shop. The Electrical subteam also put all their work aside to help the Mechanical subteam when the robot broke which included rewiring all the falcon motors.

The Field subteam was a great help to the Mechanical subteam this week as well. They finished the practice generator switch, so the robot can hang. However, their main job consisted of setting the field up and taking it down which not only requires heavy lifting, but also has to be precise. Next week, the Field subteam wil try to make the lines on the field more accurate by fine tuning tape.

This week the Communications subteam filmed away. They were trying to capture every moment from robot breakthroughs to a game of volleyball with the power cells. They also have interviewed the other subteams in order to keep all WildStang supporters up to date with blog and social media posts. In the next few days, the Communications subteam hopes to finish their Chairman’s Award essay and video.

To sum up, with WildStang’s first competition, Midwest Regionals, right around the corner, everything is put in high gear. Everyone is making his or her final touches on the robot and packing up what he or she can. WildStang is aiming for the win, with that blue ribbon in sight!

For more information on the Midwest Regional competition and how you can view it from your home, go to the Midwest Preview