Midwest Regional Wrap-up


WildStang had a great weekend at the FIRST Midwest Regional robotics competition at UIC. The competition began on Wednesday with load-in as a few of the students set up the pit and prepared the robot. 

On Thursday, the pit crew woke up bright and early to go to the Credit Union 1 Arena at UIC. When they arrived, they worked on the robot as needed and ran practice matches. The practice matches were quite successful, with only a few issues with autonomous.

And that’s why we have practice matches…

On Friday, the entire team attended the event for the start of qualification matches and had a great time. The students were given fans for our 25th anniversary with Mr. Wong’s face on them to wave and cheer on Wildstang and our Alliance partners. 

In our Friday qualification matches, WildStang did well with 5 wins and 1 loss. The students scouted other teams, recording stats on robots and their performance, along with cheering on the drive team and meeting students from other teams.


On Friday, the team achieved a triple hang for the first time in the competition with our alliance partners, with all three robots hanging from the generator switch. It was incredible to watch, as this is a rare occurrence due to its difficulty. 

Throughout the day, the team had to deal with issues such as a broken intake or turret, and the drive team and pit crew rushed to get it fixed and worked together to persevere to get the robot back in action. In all, Friday was a success!

On Saturday, Wildstang continued our winning streak with a record of 2-1, finishing the qualification matches ranked 7th, placing us as an Alliance Captain for the Elimination Rounds. 

Kyle E., WildStang’s strategy lead, represented the team and chose Team 2358, Bearbotics, and Team 3067, Geneva Robovikes as alliance partners. Their collaboration, cooperation, and robot expertise made quite an alliance!

WildStang and our Alliance partners put up a fight and ended up making it into the semi-finals, losing to the second ranked alliance which would go on to win the Regional.

At the awards ceremony, WildStang received the Excellence in Engineering Award, which is awarded to the team that demonstrates the most outstanding robot build and excels in every part of the robot. It was very exciting for the team to learn that all their hard work paid off.


As the weekend came to a close, WildStang left UIC, proudly wearing their tie-dye and waving their “Mr. Wong” fans. Overall, WildStang did a great job this weekend, and most importantly had a lot of fun! WildStang would like to thank WRSA, our parents, and sponsors for showing their support this season. The team’s next competition is Central Illinois Regional in Peoria, IL on March 18th through 21st. Stay tuned for more information coming up in future posts!