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CHARGED UP Week 4 Build Blog

Week 4 Recap

WildStang Robotics Program’s Week 4 has been another busy one. The team did some troubleshooting, testing, and finalizing. Keep reading to learn more!

WildStang’s electrical subteam has finished wiring their arm. They have also finished working on the arm umbilical (the series of cables through the arm that connects to the central frame of the robot). The subteam plans to clean up the arm and carriage wiring this week. The robot is nearly complete!

Plus One’s electrical subteam has been troubleshooting their swerve drive and it is now complete. The subteam worked on wiring the robot arm the past week and the arm is operational. They have also been busy helping the mechanical subteam build different mechanical aspects of the robot.

WildStang’s mechanical subteam has been working hard and the mechanical aspects of the robot are nearly complete. The battery holder has been completed and old bumpers have been installed so they can begin driver practices. The subteam plans to revisit their wrist design in order to lessen the chance of error.

Plus One’s mechanical subteam has completed their robot’s arm. The arm is operational and has a wide range of motion. The gripper, the mechanism that grabs the cones and cubes, has been built and will be tested in the upcoming week. They also hope to start working on the intake and feed.

This week WildStang’s software subteam has started working on the robot’s autonomous programming with help from the mentors. The students are taking the different subsystem’s code and testing it with the help of the robot. The subteam is testing the different code to determine the values for the robot arm in order to maximize efficiency. Currently, the subteam is working on transitioning from test code and plan to implement student written code.

Plus One software subteam has finished working on the roller claw for the robot. The team has also started working on programs which would allow the robot to act more independently during the autonomous period. The subteam has finished programming the deployable intake for the robot. They are continuing to work on the Everybot, which serves as subsystem programming practice for the students newer to software.

WildStang and Plus One’s joint strategy subteam has been working on making things easier for the future. They’re working on making a presentation that will teach scouters how to scout for competitions. They are also making changes to our scouting app WildRank to be sure that accurate data is entered.

The WildStang Robotics Program’s communications subteam has been busy at work this week. They’ve been adding some finishing touches onto the Woodie Flowers Award and FIRST Impact Award to get them submitted. They were able to submit Woodie Flowers and the Impact Award essays! They wrote and published Week 3’s blog post, (view it here) and have been behind the cameras taking photos and video. They’ve also been working on button designs that include this year’s game logo for competitions.

Week 3 was a successful one. We look forward to the upcoming excitement and progress in the next few weeks!