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Midwest Recap Post

Midwest Recap

Plus One had a strong performance at the Midwest Regional this year. The team had a rough start but quickly bounced back winning the last 4 matches during the qualification rounds. The team finished the qualification matches with a record of 6-5-0 (win-loss-tie). One of the most challenging moments was during match 53 when the robot hit the charge station wrong and actually flipped in the air! Despite this, the team recovered and was able to continue on. The team was chosen by the third seed alliance in the alliance selection. Plus One partnered with team 2451 and team 2830. The alliance won their first semifinal match but lost the next two close and competitive matches. Plus One overall had an amazing and admirable competition at the Midwest Regional. The team faced difficulties and continued to push through and showed the resilience of the Plus One members.

A special shout out to our amazing drive teams who looked phenomenal throughout the competition.

During qualification match 74, WildStang and Plus One were scheduled together on the red alliance, along with team 1739, the Chicago Knights. The teams worked together to win the extremely competitive match. We ended up with the highest score during qualifying matches! The team-up of 111 and 112 was an amazing experience that we can only hope to repeat at the Seven Rivers Regional Competition.

We are also thrilled to share that our long-time mentor/supporter/friend/candy supplier Dottie Skierkiewicz was named the Illinois Volunteer of the Year. Our program is so proud and so lucky to have such a fantastic mentor and long-time team supporter. Her efforts towards our program and towards FIRST have impacted numerous students and we cannot even begin to express our gratitude for her presence and support of the WSRP. Thank you for everything you do Dottie!

The WSRP is extremely proud of and grateful for all the program’s students, mentors, and supporters. All members of both teams have been working hard this past season in order to put forth successful robots. The team has also worked hard on our Impact Award and Woodie Flowers Award submissions to honor our outreach efforts and our mentors. Thank you to everyone who has put forth their time and effort to support the WSRP. We couldn’t have done it without your support!