FRC Team 111, WildStang, began as a small team supported by Motorola Solutions and High School District 214. In 2022, we added a second FRC Team 112, Plus One and the WildStang Robotics Program was renamed and now incorporates 2 FRC competition teams. The teams have realized amazing successes and achievements over the years. The team has endured so successfully due to the dedication and commitment of its teachers, mentors, many who are alumni of the team, the school district and Motorola along with many other sponsors who have come on board over the years.

Three separate scholarships are available for eligible graduating seniors of the WildStang Robotics Program. Any two, three or four year WildStang team member planning to attend a 2 or 4 year higher education institution, may apply for one or more of the available scholarships. The scholarship money may be used for tuition, housing or books at a two or four year school of higher education (proof of enrollment will be required upon acceptance). The scholarship recipients will work with the WRSA board to coordinate where the money will be sent.

Applications must be submitted as detailed in each application no later than the application due date, Monday March 20, 2023.

Scholarship Award Process

The WildStang Robotics Support Association (WRSA) will create a Scholarship Committee consisting of two board members, one adult mentor, one parent and one teacher. No one on the scholarship committee shall be a parent of a senior student. The Scholarship Committee will review the applications and select winners of each scholarship award available.

Winning recipients will be recognized at the WildStang Robotics Program Awards Night held in May.

Scholarship recipients will have their name added to a plaque that will be displayed by the team in the Team Workshop.



Koch Family Scholarship

Mark Koch, his wife Cathy and daughter Mary Margaret are proud to offer an annual $4,000 scholarship, which can be awarded to one or split between two WildStang Robotics students. Mark Koch was the founding educator and leader of the team, retiring in 2016 and returning in Fall 2022 in a part-time district liaison role to the WildStang Robotics Program. This scholarship is focused on the FIRST principle of volunteerism and paying it forward. To learn more about the scholarship and complete an application, click apply.

Skierkiewicz Family Scholarship

Al and Dottie Skierkiewicz and their family are proud to sponsor a $4,000 scholarship, for one student or split between two students on the WildStang Robotics Team. Al and Dottie have been members of the WildStang team since 1996. Their two children, Mark and Karen, participated in the team while attending Wheeling High School and they look forward to their grandchildren participating on the team when they reach high school. This scholarship is focused on Al & Dottie’s desire that students “Learn Something New Every Day”. To learn more about the scholarship and complete an application, click apply.



WRSA WildStang Core Values Scholarship

WRSA, the parent support group of WildStang Robotics, is proud to sponsor an annual $2,000 scholarship which can be awarded between 1-4 students on the WildStang Robotics Team. FRC Team 111, WildStang has experienced many successes over the years. Key ingredients of the WildStang successes are the teams’ core values: Fun, Respect, Responsibility, Effort, Teamwork, and Learning. The WRSA WildStang Core Values Scholarship will be awarded to one – four individuals based on the ability to demonstrate their embodiment of these Core Values during their time as a WildStang team member. To learn more about the scholarship and complete an application, click apply.



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