WildStang FUNDrive

WildStang Summer FUNDrive!!


Clean out and earn money for WildStang!


Do your summer/fall cleaning, clean out your closets, garage and basement and earn $$$ for WildStang (it’s that easy!) 

We’re asking each student to bring (at least)1 bag of donatable items (see list below) to the BBQ event Monday, 8/26 to get us started! 

Can’t get to all your cleaning out before the BBQ, no worries!  Bring your no longer needed items any Monday of class through September 16th.

Can’t drop it off? WRSA will pick it up! Email or text/call us at (847) 791-9326.

Give early and often! 

FUNDrive Drop off Dates

• Monday, August 26 (at Back to School BBQ)

• Monday, September 9th (class day at MacArthur)

• Saturday, September 14th (class retreat at Forest View)

• Monday, September 16th (class day at MacArthur)