The WildStang Robotics Program is a dual-purpose offering within District 214, serving as both an accredited after-school robotics course and a co-curricular activity accessible to all students in the district.

This immersive program involves hands-on experiences which foster collaboration between students and District 214 educators, as well as a cadre of dedicated volunteer professionals who serve as mentors. Through their involvement in the program, students acquire essential skills pertaining to the design, fabrication, programming, and operation of robotic systems. They have the chance to put these skills into action by taking part in various competitions throughout the academic year, such as the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

Participants in the WildStang Robotics Program will cultivate essential communication and presentation skills. They will master the art of collecting, documenting and articulating their ideas effectively to peers, mentors, and competition judges.


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WSRP students have the flexibility to concentrate on diverse facets of the entire engineering production spectrum, from ideation, through to Computer-Aided Design (CAD), assembly, and testing. Students can also participate and grow their skills in communication and business concepts by generating content for program websites, handling social media platforms, working with sponsors, and even acquiring proficiency in shooting and editing educational and promotional videos. These valuable skills not only equip students to excel in robot engineering and operation but also enable them to adeptly communicate their ideas and accomplishments to a broader audience.

For students with a passion for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) careers, this program offers an enriching opportunity to explore and further develop their interests.

Since its inception in 1996, District 214’s WildStang Robotics Program has achieved remarkable recognition and success, including securing the FIRST Robotics Championship in 2003, 2009, and 2011. It has also been honored with the FIRST Impact Award and inducted into the FIRST Robotics Hall of Fame in 2006.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the WildStang Robotics Program, we welcome your enthusiasm and involvement. Join us on this exciting journey of innovation and technology!

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Applications are due March 20th, 2023. Please note, there are limited spots available in the program. Notifications of acceptance will be made in late spring.