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WildStang was founded in 1996 as a collaboration between Rolling Meadows & Wheeling High Schools and Motorola Solutions. WildStang has now grown to include all six schools in District 214 and has a partnership with feeder District 23. Local professionals, along with teachers from D214, mentor our team and provide 75+ students with real-world experiences.

Our team has won 75+ awards in the 24 years since our founding. In 2003, 2009, and 2011, we won the FIRST Robotics Competition (“FRC”) World Championship. In 2006, WildStang earned the most prestigious award in FIRST, the Chairman’s Award. 

FRC Championship 2003
Chairman’s Award 2006
FRC Championship 2009
FRC Championship 2011

The Chairman’s Award honors teams that represent the goals and purpose of FIRST. Recipients of the award serve as a role model for other teams for years to come. With this achievement, our team was inducted into the FIRST Hall of Fame.

Through our innovative program of Mentor-led Fall Classes with differentiated instruction, coupled with the FRC Competition, WildStang has pushed students beyond what they thought was possible. While creating an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, creative problem solving and Student to Student mentorship, we have developed a learning community for teammates of all types. We take pride in our inclusivity and aim to expand our reach into our communities with each year.

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