AHL-Demo 2020




STEM Expo Demonstration 


On Sunday, March 8th, WildStang robotics team 111 went to the annual STEM expo, an event to showcase local STEM programs held at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. WildStang robotics was there from 12:00-3:00pm talking to over a hundred people about the wonders of STEM.

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The day consisted of WildStang demonstrating the robot every thirty minutes. The demonstration consisted of the robot picking up and shooting balls and extending the climbing mechanism. In between sessions the team would invite the families to come over and talk to the team about the robot and the team itself. Team member Jack C stated that his favorite part of the day was “sparking interest in STEM.”

By the end of the event WildStang was able to get many children to imagine a life with STEM, innovate a better future, and inspire children to join FIRST.