Mentor Profile – Harrison Drake



Harrison Drake has spent 10 years with WildStang. He is an alumnus of WildStang and attended Rolling Meadows High School. He attended Purdue and received a Mechanical Engineering degree. Harrison’s love of pinball ties in perfectly with his job at Stern Pinball, where he designs parts of pinball machines. His goal while being with the team is to give the new generation of engineers an experience they won’t forget, just like he had.

He is the lead design mentor on our mechanical team. He helps the students learn and troubleshoot with the robot. His favorite pinball machine is Iron Maiden and he strongly recommends the game, as it was the first pinball machine he designed. Harrison was a determined WildStang student and spent 600 hours during build season his senior year. Harrison Drake is a committed WildStang mentor, who cares about students and their success in their futures.