9/17 & 10/2 Parent Meeting Summary

Parent meetings were held on 9/17/18 and 10/1/18. We anticipate conducting two parent meetings a month. These meetings will allow WRSA to communicate with the parents and parents to hear what is going on with the team through student, mentor, and teacher reports. The following is a summary of the topics discussed at these two meetings. If you would like to read the full meeting minutes, they can be found here, 9/17, and 10/01.


WRSA (WildStang Robotics Support Association) provides parent and financial support to the WIldStang Team. Our financial goals include defraying the  costs associated with competitions for the students and mentors, buying robot parts and  tools for the team, providing student scholarships, organizing food for the team during competition season, providing communications to the parents, and whatever else might fall into the bucket of helping the kids. We are always looking for assistance from parents. Our hope is to have many hands for the various small tasks of team support to share the load and not burden people with major time commitments.

WRSA Fund Raising 

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to balance the budget and provide the services described above. We are moving away from having the students sell things to raise money. Rather, money will be raised through obtaining corporate sponsors, the Dine and Donate program (which is every 2nd Tuesday of every month), Amazon Smile shopping program, and potentially a Scrip program, we need a parent to help organize this). We plan to apply for grants (and ask for assistance from any parent with experience in writing or grant submissions). Additionally all leads for potential sponsors are welcome!  We have two new sponsors, Av-Tec and European Painting & Decorating. Thank you to the Jones and Ruschke families!


Sub-Team Reports

  • The Mechanical sub-team is working through CAD tutorials and learning the new CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machine, which will allow the team to mill/fabricate parts for the robot in house.
  • The Electrical sub-team is learning soldering and wiring. They are also working to bring older robots back to life for future demos.
  • The Software sub-team is learning and refining their understanding of Java and going over more complex concepts of programing.
  • The Communications sub-team is working on the wildstang.org website design and content development, shooting and editing videos from demos,  competitions and practices, writing the essay submissions for the FIRST Awards, including the Chairman’s award (for competition season), and writing weekly blogs for the website. WildStang.org is very functional this year (hasn’t been in years past) and is quickly becoming the “go to” place for information for the team, parents & sponsors.
  • WildStang Outreach is preparing for the Miss Maker Workshop, which focuses on getting girls excited and interested in STEM activities and hosting a FLL Scrimmage for local teams. Outreach is one of the main focuses of the team, and all members are required to be part of the teams outreach event throughout the season.  

Other News

The team is working on getting robots from past seasons up & running  for future demos and is preparing for the VEX competition, which is the first weekend in December.  The first Saturday in January is the FRC kickoff meeting when this year’s game is announced. Then the team has 6 weeks to design and build the robot. The team is officially accepted for the Midwest Competition at UIC (early March) and will be applying to the Lacrosse, Peoria, or Milwaukee competitions. Champions will be in late April in Detroit.