FRC Kick Off Parent Social

Destination: Deep Space Parent Kick Off

Attend the FIRST® Robotics Competition Kick Off with your student, learn about this year robot game, Destination: Deep Space, then stay and join WRSA for food, beverages and fun!

The Kick Off launches the FRC Competition season, where the details of this years game are revealed to all FRC teams during a live video stream.  The teams then have 6 weeks to design, build and program their robot, before the start of 7 weeks of qualifying Tournaments, leading up to the the World Championships. 

After the the Live Stream, WildStang team members & mentors will immediately begin meetings to start developing their strategy for this years game and designing their robot.

While the team is holding their meeting, parents are invited to join WRSA, enjoy food and beverages, meet other parents and get an inside scoop on the next 6 weeks of your students life during build season

Mark you calendars……

Saturday, January 5th (morning).  Be there!