Demonstration at Indian Trails Library

On Saturday, September 22, 2018, five WildStang students held a demonstration at the Indian Trails Library. Team members were able to interact with the community, especially young children who may be future FIRST students. Seth, who is on the electrical sub team, says he particularly enjoys community outreach events, saying that the general public are amused and enthralled by the robot, which makes it fun to present.

While the team was able to interact with some students last weekend at IMTS, community events, such as this library demo, pose their own unique set of challenges and joys. Toddlers and young children marveled at the robot, their parents quite literally pulling them off of the bumpers!


If you or your organization is interested in hosting a WildStang demonstration, please email us at We’d be happy to set something up!

Electrical sub-team member Elise, and Mackenzie, a Mechanical team member, especially enjoyed chatting with middle school aged kids. They really understood what was going on, and were focused, excited, and engaged. Many attendees asked interesting questions during the demo, including how to get involved, how long the process takes, specific functions of different pieces of hardware, and especially “How fast can it go?

All of the students involved found this demo at the Indian Trails Library very beneficial to them and to spreading the word about WildStang and FRC. When asked if they felt they were successful in spreading the word about our program, Chris says “I think we definitely did, and I think people had a good time with it too.”

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