10th Annual WildStang VEX Tournament Wrap Up

On December 1st, WildStang hosted our local VEX Robotics Competition regional at Rolling Meadows High School. 38 VEX teams attended our 10th annual competition to compete for one of six prestigious awards.

The VEX game this year was called “Turning Point.” Alliances of 2 teams competed in a game of control. Each alliance was given a color, either blue or red and were challenged to flip over “caps.” The teams were awarded points based on what team color was facing up at the end of the match.

Teams were also able to pick up balls on the field and place them on the caps for additional points at the end of the match, or they could launch the balls at flags located on the far side of the field for various points depending on the height of the flag.

Judges visited the pits during the day to discuss the robots with the teams, organized them into different categories, and consider them for coveted awards. One of our Mentors on WildStang, EJ Levine, was also awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at the competition.

Congratulations to all of the teams who came out and participated in our regional competition! See you all next year!

This year’s winners are as follow:

  • Excellence – 321H Havoc from Skokie, IL

  • Design – 2360Z Zettabyte from Naperville, IL

  • Amaze – 68051U Senior Citizens from Roselle, IL

  • Build – 2360S SubZERO from Naperville, IL

  • Create – 333A The 7 Dorks from Skokie, IL

  • Judges – 321J Short Circuit from Skokie, IL

  • Finalists – 333H Hazardous and 333B unBEElievable

  • Winners – 321H Havoc and 333A The 7 Dorks