Destination:Deep Space Kick Off

During the first weekend of January 2019, WildStang students participated in the premiere of this year’s game; Destination: Deep Space. After the kickoff live stream, which is the premiere, the students brainstormed for the rest of Saturday and then Sunday. The live stream was streamed by thousands of FRC teams. It was broadcast live from FIRST headquarters, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

On Saturday, the team gathered at Forest View Education Center before the livestream and thought about what the game may be. Immediately following the livestream, the team broke out into smaller groups to discuss match strategy. Some of the groups broke the game into three subgroups; Sandstorm(the blind driving period), Tele-Op(where the driver controlling the robot can see), and End Game(the last 30 seconds of the game). Other teams didn’t break up the game and just strategized the game as a whole. The team also looked at different strategies from Qualifications versus Eliminations. The teams then made mini-presentations and presented them to the rest of WildStang.

On Sunday, the team met again and finalized match strategy, and began robot design. WildStang broke the robot design into needs on the robot and then what would be nice to have on the robot. They went into more detail for each subsystem(e.x. Drivetrain) and brainstormed designs to complete what is necessary for WildStang’s match strategy.

WildStang is very excited for Destination: Deep Space and is looking forward to sharing their journey through build season. Keep checking in every week for what our sub-teams are working on and vlogs by the communications team!

To see a quick explanation of this year’s game Destination: Deep Space click here: