Team Wrap Up – Week 5

Build Season Wrap Up

Week Five

Week five, our most hectic weeks this season, after coming off of our weekend of week 4 we still had a lot of work to finish before our parent open house at the end of week 6. With that deadline set, we attacked this week with a hard drive and passion.


Software, making strides with their fingers, had a lot of thing coming together. There are several students leading their smaller groups in different areas of code. One team was working on our drive code and making that solid. Another was working on vision tracking for this years game, and getting all of the hardware and camera sensors together for that. And the third team was working on creating line sensors with an Axis Line Sensor to make our hatch mech align itself.

Mechanical, fueled by even more mountain frost and covered in grease, were able to assemble both completed drive bases. They also were able to assemble the lifts and our ball transfer system. With the hatch mech and the over the bumper intake being worked on this coming week, we will be seeing many more part order coming.

Electrical was beginning to realize the most important issue, space. Having needed to sacrifice some of their space in the belly pan to an encoded pair of axles, they spent a lot of time debating where all of our components will fit on the belly pan with the moving parts. With more parts too add, they will be discussing this for a while longer.

The Communication sub-team worked on documenting all of the work being done by the other sub-teams, to use in our weekly wrap up videos. They also finalized the team Chairmans essay, with help from members from all of the different sub teams, and submitted that along with our teams nominee for the Woodie Flowers award.

 With our last week coming up, we will be maximizing our time to its fullest so we are done by bag day!