Team Wrap Up – Week 4

Build Season Wrap Up

Week 4

Approaching the 4th week of build season, the Chicago land also had some inclimate weather approaching as well causing us here at WildStang to be homebound to stay safe from the polar vortex. Having missed most of that week, WildStang was able to meet that weekend to catch up on lost time.


Software was furiously tapping on their keyboards making the code of the robot to be able to do such tasks as run autonomous, detect the reflective tape, and follow the field markings. They also made tremendous strides in the logging of their different pieces of code.

Mechanical had the most to catch up on, needing to start the assembly of our robot and our practice bot. While drinking copious amounts of Mountain Frost, they assembled the gearboxes for both bots, machined parts on our lathe, cut out parts on our CNC router, and assembled the frame of practice bot.

Electrical was very happy as they got their shipment of all of the new parts, both electrical and pneumatic, for this years robot. The got all sorts of connectors, wires, tubing, batteries, and the rio for this year. They spent most of the weekend sorting and labeling all of the parts and they created all of the diagrams color coding all of the wires for the various tasks and so that software knows where different parts of the code needs to go.

Last but not least from those of us here on Communications we were hurriedly filming all of the footage that we would need for our weekly recap video. Being worried about missing the rest of the week due to the polar vortex we shot everything we saw and still made a great recap video.

We survived the cold and we hope that every other team affected by the polar vortex made it through as well!