Midwest Regional Recap

Midwest Regional


The 2019 Midwest Regional was a huge success. This was WildStang’s hometown regional, which allowed all 70+ team members to come to cheer on the team. It was an exciting and nerve-wracking competition. 

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On Wednesday we loaded in and prepared our pit, so on Thursday, we could get to work quickly to make any necessary changes to the robot. During the day on Thursday, we met a team from the Netherlands that had a major issue, and we wanted to do everything we could to help them. Unfortunately, their robot got caught up in customs, so with approval from FIRST, we loaned them our practice robot to allow them the chance to participate in the competition. 

On Friday, while the drive team and pit crew were busy playing matches and keeping the robot competition ready, team members watched matches, explored other team’s pits, and met other teams. Several WildStang members helped other teams in their pits throughout the day, to make sure they were competition ready. Many female WildStang members attended the first annual Women in STEM luncheon hosted by FRC Team 2451 PWNAGE and loved it. By the end of the day Friday, Wildstang played six qualification matches and ranked third out of 53 total teams. After a long day of competition, everyone went to the team social where they danced and played games with teams from all over the world. Overall, Friday was a success and everyone was excited for Saturday.

Saturday was a high-stakes day, the drive team members were all nervous but ready. The day began with the last of the qualification matches. After the qualification matches were over, WildStang was ranked 8th seed overall. Being ranked top eight meant we qualified to move on to the quarterfinals and were in a position to choose our alliance partners. Using information from scouters and the strategy team, we chose to accept an alliance invitation from the 4th seeded FRC Team 48 Team E.L.I.T.E and then decided to invite FRC Team 2830 Riverside RoboTigers. We made it past quarterfinals, then semifinals, and then continued on to finals. Throughout the finals, the entire team was cheering on the drive team and robot; the stakes were very high. WildStang made it through the first final match, pushing our robot to the max. The second final match was thrilling and chaotic. Everyone was nervous and excited but prepared for any outcome with scores that were very close throughout. In the end, our alliance came out on top with a score of 52-50. The whole team was screaming with joy! 

Later on, during the awards ceremony, the team was recognized for winning the competition. We also received the Gracious Professionalism Award, for our contribution to FRC Team 6968 Team Pi from the Netherlands. They did eventually get their robot from customs Friday evening, and with help from WildStang members, they were ready to compete in Saturday matches with their own robot. Overall, the students, coaches, mentors and everyone that has a connection to the team was ecstatic about this past weekend.