Build Season: Week Five



Build Season:

Week Five Wrap Up


Week 5 was filled with progress for WildStang. Each subteam has made remarkable advancements, and the robot is nearly built. In previous years, FIRST gave us a 6 week build season with a set end date. Normally we would have to stop everything that has to do with the robot on “Stop Build Day”, but this year we can build up until competition day.

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The Electrical team has been hard at work and constantly in the shop. This week they put the umbilical cord together. This is the wire that runs from the belly pan to the turret. It is crucial for this to be functioning because it provides power to the shooter. The Electrical team also finished up the control system which was a turning point for the whole team. Their goals for next week are to get the robot up and running, along with starting practice on the field.

This week the Software team has been typing away. They finished working on the robot control panel. All the subsystems are completed, with each being a major component of the robot. At this point, the Software team is waiting for the Mechanical team to finish so that they can start testing the code and debugging it in the upcoming weeks.

The Mechanical team divided and conquered this week. Some members relentlessly worked on completing CAD for the intake for our robot. Others worked on assembling the floor of the hopper and mounting the turret on the robot. The transfer system was put in place on the robot. Mechanical’s goals for week 6 are to finish the CAD models and to finalize the final details of the robot. If both of these get done, then they may start to look into the color wheel mechanics.

The Field team spent most of their time in the shop this week. They cut a multitude of two by fours for the shield using the chop saw. They also helped the drive team during their practices throughout the week, by helping make sure the playing field was set up correctly. Now that the field has been built, this subteam will work on whatever small projects need to be done around the shop.

The Communications team filmed the action this week and worked on merchandising for WildStang. They completed and printed WildStang stickers and finalized button designs. This year the team will have hex-shaped buttons as a special give away, created by the Communications team. In the upcoming week, Communications plans to continue to film and edit footage of the robot’s progress and to work on creative pit awards to give to other teams for our first competition in March.

Students from several subteams worked together to complete our Chairman’s Award and Woodie Flowers Award essay submissions on Wednesday, after working on both throughout build season. The Chairman’s Award displays the team’s outreach efforts, and the Woodie Flowers Award honors our choice for Mentor of the Year. These awards will be considered by judges at our Regional events. If we are selected as the Chairman’s Award winner at a Regional, we become eligible to win at the Championship. The team won the Championship Chairman’s Award in 2006, but we hope to show the judges and other teams our outreach efforts. If our Woodie Flowers Nominee is chosen at Regional, they are eligible to win at the Championship. We plan to announce our choice for the WFA at the upcoming Open House on February 22.

In total, week 5 has been successful for WildStang. We have accomplished so much and can’t wait to see what is in store for the next week.