WRSA Camera Grant

WRSA Provides Grant to Communications Sub-team

This season, the WildStang Communication Sub-team was awarded a grant from the WildStang Robotics Support Association (WRSA) to purchase new equipment to improve our documenting of what WildStang does as a team every year. With this grant, we were able to purchase a Canon D80 Camera and a Tamron 35-150 mm telephoto lens, along with 3 batteries and several other accessories.

For the past several years, the team was using donated cameras to take still photos during the year and at competitions. These cameras were typically “point & shoot” cameras and really weren’t able to take the quality of pictures needed, especially at Competitions. They didn’t have long zoom lenses, which made it difficult to get good pictures of the competitions from where we typically have to stand. Additionally, the equipment wasn’t great in low lighting conditions, making it hard to get clear pictures of a fast moving robot, or even the hustle of the Pit Crew.

The Canon 80D camera body, paired with the Tamron lens, will allow us to meet all of these needs. The 80D body is able to take high quality photos, with fast shutter speeds, in low light conditions, giving us the ability to take solid, high quality pictures of the robot speeding across the field. And when paired with the Tamron lens, we’ll be able to capture the emotion of the drive Team after winning a match, or the Pit Crew working under pressure, without being in their way. The interchangeable lens feature will also allow us to add new lenses in the future, if needed.

The 80D camera can also take High Quality High Definition 1080p video,allowing us to record two professional-quality 2 camera shoots, when paired up with the JVC GY-HM170M video camera (purchased with a grant from WRSA 2 years ago).

Sadly, the camera arrived several days after the FRC Season was cancelled and our team meetings were put on hold for the year. But, our mentors are working on developing a curriculum for the team members to learn how to best use the camera over this forced break. We look forward to being able to get our hands on the camera when team meetings resume and documenting everything the teams does.

The entire WildStang team would like to thank WRSA for all that it does to support the team. And the Communications Subteam would especially like to thank WRSA for the generous grant to purchase the camera. We look forward to sharing all of the great images that we’ll capture for years to come.