Rapid React Week 10 Recap and CIR

Week 10 Recap and CIR



Week 10 was busy for both 111 and 112. Students from both teams attended the Central Illinois Regional, with 111 participating in the competition and 112 students attending to gain some event experience. Before the leaving for the competition, 112 continued to work on their robot and was able to get most of the bot completed. Team 111 did a lot of work early in week ten to prepare for the competition.

The 111 Mechanical subteam packed their tool boxes to have an organized pit and loaded the robot & tools into the trailer to bring to Peoria. The Electrical and Software subteams double checked their work, wrapped up last minute autonomous programs and got their tie-dye ready. Strategy got all the students iPads ready for WildRank and trained the Scouters. Communications worked on getting their social media ready and started to work on pit awards for the Midwest Regional the first week of April.

On Thursday, practice matches took place; this allowed the drive team to get a feel for the field and working with Alliance partners. Pit Crew set up the robot for the official matches and quickly repaired any problems that occurred. Students practiced scouting, using our new WildRank Scouting application, allowing them to get a feel for the system before the official matches began.

Friday was the first day of competition matches and a big day for 111. Scouting data was collected throughout the day, recording match data from every match played. The Communications subteam focused on social media to keep fans updated, filming the matches, and taking scouting pictures of all the other teams’ robots. At the end of the first day, WildStang had a record of 8-0-0 and was in 1st place. The marked the first time since 2011 that 111 was undefeated at the end of the first day. The entire team was feeling good and looking forward to Saturday.

On Saturday, things picked up right where we left off and was a day to remember. 111 had 3 more qualification matches, winning all 3 and remained undefeated. This placed us as the number one seed at the end of qualifications! As the number one seed, we were the Alliance Captains and in the  position to choose our alliance partners for finals. Using the scouting data collected through the event, we chose FRC 1756 Argos from Peoria and FRC 8122 Robotic Eagles from Chicago. 

This alliance was a powerhouse, and looked forward to the elimination matches started. In the quarterfinal matches, our 1st seed alliance competed against the 8th seed and won 2 matches to 0, advancing to the semifinals.  In the Semifinals, we went up against the 4th seeded alliance, winning 2-0.

During the quarter and semifinals, we competed against outstanding teams that played tough defense against our entire alliance. This tough “D” caused wear & tear on our robot, including breaking our intake multiple times. The Mechanical Pit Crew stepped up and fixed all the damage and we were ready for each match and got our robot ready for the Competition Finals against the Number 2 seed. 

The first match of the finals, with a combination of great offense and tough defense by 111 and our alliance partners, we took the match, with a score of 89-49. The second and possible deciding match was much closer.  After autonomous, the second seed alliance put together a small lead. During the telop period, our alliance outscored the 2nd seed, 58 to 30. Going in the end-game phase, it was either alliance’s match. The 2nd seed was able to put up 31 points, while our alliance scored 12 points. As time expired, it was so close that we had to wait until the officials tallied up the final score. After several minutes, it was official. Our Number 1 alliance won 96 to 89, winning the Central Illinois Regional. 

By winning the the Central Illinois Regional, Team 111 WildStang was awarded a seat at the FRC  World Championships. The World Championships will be held on Wednesday, April 20 to Saturday, April 23, 2022 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. 

WildStang looks forward to competing with and against the best teams in the world.  Look for more details on the “Champs” in the coming days. 

WildStang went undefeated through the entire competition, with a record of 17-0-0. We also scored a total of 41 ranking point out of 44 possible points during the qualifying matches. In addition to winning the competition and advancing to the World Champions ship, WildStang was awarded the Autonomous Award by Ford for the best autonomous programming at CIR. The team was also awarded pit awards from other FRC teams, such as the Awesome Autonomous Shooting Award from 2451, The Shock-Hang Award from Team 2338, The Fastest Robot Award from Team 1625, and last but not least, the Cookin’ Up The Best Bot Award from Team 1736. You can view all of our matches here

WildStang is proud to receive these awards and is now looking forward to the Midwest Regional and attending the FRC World Championship. Plus One (112) is also looking forward to Midwest Regional as their debut event from April 6th to 9th. Both teams will be competing with their respective robots, and WildStang is looking forward to cheering on Plus One and visa-versa! Please check back for an upcoming blog post with information on how to watch the Midwest Regional remotely, and another to follow so you can watch us compete at the Championship!

WildStang would like to thank our Alliance Partners during the entire Central Illinois Regional. Special thanks to our alliance partners during the elimination rounds, 1756 Argos and 8122 Robotic Eagles. We’d also like to thank all of our Teachers, Coaches & Mentors. We truly appreciate the countless hours you all put in to make this all possible. And finally we’d especially like to thank to our generous sponsors. Without your support, we would not be able to build these award winning robots and have the opportunities to travel and compete. Thank you for your continued support of the Wildstang Robotics Program.