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Rapid React Week 13 and Midwest Recap

Week 13 Recap and Midwest



Week 13 was an exciting week for WildStang 111 and Plus One 112. They spent the beginning of the week preparing for the Midwest Regional ahead. Load-in began on Wednesday to get the pit set up. On Thursday, a few students went to the venue to participate in practice matches. On Friday and Saturday, all members of both 111 and 112 attended the event to cheer on the teams.

Since it was Plus One’s first time competing, everyone was super excited and nervous to see how they would do. They lost their first two matches after putting up a tough fight, but once their third match came around, they had a win. After that, they were on a roll! They ended up with seven wins, two losses, and one tie during qualification matches. Once it came down to time for the alliance picks, they were ranked seventh out of the 47 teams at the event and qualified as an alliance captain. They were picked by alliance number four by team 7460, Avi and Friends, and then chose team 5934, Crowbotics, to complete their alliance. From there, they went into the quarterfinals. While they played their best, they lost after their first two rounds, not going any further.

Despite the tough losses, we’re all super proud of Plus One for all the effort put into the season and how well their robot performed as a brand new team this year. Plus One had a great first year, and their future is incredibly bright! Although their competing season is over, for now, there’s still more for them to do for this season 112 team members have work to do to clean up, wrap up, and prepare for summer off-season events.

WildStang also competed incredibly well. On Friday, they finished the day undefeated and were ranked third. Once Saturday came around, they lost their first qualifying match and took their first loss of the season but moved forward and won the other two qualifying matches. At the end of Saturday’s qualifications, they were fourth. Team 2338, Gear It Forward, was the first seed alliance. They picked WildStang as their first alliance partner and finished the alliance with Team 8122, Robotic Eagles, who also happened to be a 111 alliance pick at Central Illinois. They went on to win their quarterfinals and semifinals, moving on to the finals! While the finals matches were tough, they won them all and became a regional winner for the second time this year. This regional win was WildStang’s second of the year, including Central Illinois and Midwest. Looking at Plus One, a regional win seems to be a real possibility in just a few years, which is impressive in and of itself.


Now, WildStang is preparing to go to Houston for the World Championship! A lot of work will be done in the next week and a half to prepare, and as always, WildStang’s social media will be kept up to date! You can check here for info on the upcoming World Championship event.