Miss Maker Workshop Wrap Up

On Saturdays, November 3 and 10, Wildstang hosted the fifth annual Miss Maker Workshop. This is a half-day workshop to introduce girls to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through hands-on activities. Fifty girls ages 9-13 participated in three related STEM activities and interacted with Wildstang’s 2018 season robot under the guidance of 37 Wildstang team members.

In their first rotation, the girls learned to code a Flappy Bird style game in a coding language called Scratch. Dominic, a software subteam member, led the activity. Dominic says he loved seeing how the girls were able to tweak the basic program to make it their own, especially noting that “one girl made a game that made a really intricate design; [she] expanded immensely on what we gave them.

During the second rotation, the girls learned how to make a yes/no decision maker circuit board. They were taught how to solder; many of them had never done it before. The girls were led by Sarah, an electrical sub-team member. As Nick said, the participants were taught “How to solder, and the components of a circuit.”

Finally, participants built a catapult-style launch mechanism and learned how the angle of the arm alters the trajectory of a gumball projectile. Megan, a mechanical sub-team member, led the activity, said that she was excited to explain “how the mechanical sub team works and how the angle of the arm affects the launch.”

With both sessions of Miss Maker Workshop completely full and an extensive waiting list, Wildstang is honored to fill a much-needed role in STEM education. Thank you to all participants and parents. We hope to see you all at next year’s Miss Maker Workshops!