Seven Rivers Regional Recap

Seven Rivers 


Wrap Up 

On April 4-6, 20 students had the opportunity to travel to the Seven Rivers Regional in La Crosse, Wisconsin. There, WildStang competed against 54 other teams from around the US and China. During the competition, students met dozens of other FIRST participants and shared ideas and their love for robotics. We kicked the weekend off on Thursday with practice matches, during which we were able to fill five whole rockets by ourselves. This put us in a good position for the rest of the weekend.

On the first real day of the competition, Friday, we started our qualification matches off very well. We had a successful day, ending ranked ninth out of all 54 teams. A few things went wrong on Friday with the robot, but WildStang is lucky to have a great pit crew who were able to fix the issues efficiently. Scouting was very useful on Friday, and almost everyone contributed.

The second and last day of Seven Rivers was our last three qualification matches and the set of finals. After all the qualification matches, we were ranked eighth. During alliance selection, WildStang was chosen by alliance captain number two which was Wave Robotics. WildStang and Wave Robotics chose Trident Robotics as the third team in our alliance. We were very happy with our alliance partners.

With our alliance partners, we made it through quarterfinals, semifinals, and then to finals. Our alliance played the number one alliance during the finals, and we ended up winning both the first and second round, which resulted in WildStang and our alliance partners becoming champions of the 2019 Seven Rivers Regional.

We are excited and so proud of everyone on WildStang and our alliance partners. WildStang would like to thank all of our mentors and teachers for helping us get our robot to the best it can be, and always improving. We look forward to seeing parents and supporters of WildStang at Detroit during the week of April 24-27. Hope to see you there! And if you can’t come to Detroit, you can follow our Twitter for live updates or watch the livestream on Blue Alliance.