Motorola Robot Demo

Motorola Robot Demo

April 12th, 2019

On April 12, 2019, WildStang traveled to the Motorola headquarters to demo our 2019 robot. Ten students were able to attend with another FRC team, an FLL team, and a few FTC teams. The students received an invaluable opportunity of chatting with other FIRST teams about their robots. An FTC field was set up so the three FTC teams could compete and show off their robots. 


Another FRC team brought their robot from last season, Power Up. Kids and Motorola workers alike interacted with both robots, catching cargo and the FIRST spirit.

Motorola gave an informative presentation on their involvement in FIRST and what they stand for. Motorola sponsors all of the teams that participated in this demo. One of the many speakers was Matt Blakely, who is the Motorola FIRST ambassador. He believes in the principles of FIRST, just as WildStang does. Motorola offers amazing internships to engineering students, including some from WildStang.

With people such as Matt advocating for FIRST teams and FIRST students, we can have more opportunities to be successful in the future. WildStang would like to sincerely thank Motorola Foundation for all of their contributions to the team and to FIRST over the years.