Championship Recap

Detroit Championship


Over the week of April 22nd, 33 WildStang students, along with teachers, mentors, and parents, attended the 2019 FIRST Championship in Detroit, Michigan. The team left from Wheeling High School after school on tuesday, arriving in Detroit late Tuesday night. 

On Wednesday morning, the team attended a ceremony welcoming last year’s Chairman’s Award winner, Team 2834, Bionic Black Hawks to the FRC Hall of Fame and attended the Hall of Fame Lunch with all the the other HOF Teams.

After the luncheon, the Drive Team and Pit crew set up the team pit, made some final tweaks to the robot and the drive team got in some last minute practice. The remainder of the students visited the Henry Ford Museum. The students enjoyed the Henry Ford Museum and would like to thank WRSA for funding the fun and educational trip. After spending a few hours learning about planes, trains, and automobiles, the students returned to the team hotel, met up with the rest of the team and rested before the official start of the competition.

Qualification Matches began first thing Thursday morning. WildStang competed in the the Carson division, along with 67 other teams from across the US, Canada, Israel, and Poland. During our qualification matches, students cheered on our amazing drive team and alliance partners. After 3 tough matches, we ended the day with an official record of 0-3 and ranked 68th. Although that wasn’t the ranking anyone was hoping for, WildStang still had high hopes.


On Thursday, WildStang’s communications sub-team entered the SolidWorks FIRST Championship Challenge, where teams were asked to submit a 1 minute video interviewing their Robot about the FIRST Championship. Our Video was one of the 4 teams that were selected as winners and awarded a prize of a Won a Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer!! Great job to everyone that worked on that!

Friday, we had our remaining 7 qualification matches, and we finished the day with 4 wins, 2 losses, and 1 tie, giving us an overall record of 4-5-1, and a final ranking of 43rd. While we hoped for a better record at the end of the qualification matches, the team remained optimistic going into the the Alliance selections, due to how well our robot performed and how close all of our matches were.

At Saturday morning’s alliance selection,our optimism was rewarded and we were the first pick of the 2nd ranked alliance captain, Team 5050, Cow Town Robotics. Our alliance then selected teams 4607 – C.I.S, and 2052 – KnightKrawler.

In the quarterfinals, we competed against the 7th seeded alliance and and won with a record of 2-0, moving on the the semi finals. In the semis, we competed against the 3rd seeded alliance. We had 2 tough matches, winning the first match by 3 points, and finishing the 2nd match in a tie. After reviewing the tie breaking rules, our alliance was awarded the win and advanced to the Carson Division Finals.

In the Division finals, our alliance went up against the Number 1 seeded alliance. Losing the first match of the best of 3, our alliance then won the next 2 matches, winning the Carson Division Final, our 3rd Blue Banner of the year, and advancing the Championship Finals on the Einstein field.

In the Einstein Championship finals, the winners of the 6 divisions compete in a round Robin tournament, each alliance competing against each other alliance once, with the highest ranked teams competing for the FRC First Championship. After 5 extremely tough and close matches on Einstein, 3 of which were lost by just 3 points, our Alliance finished with a record of 1-4, in 4th place.

WildStang is very proud of what we accomplished this year:

  • 3 Blue Banners
  • Midwest Regional – Regional Winner
  • Seven Rivers Regional – Regional Winner
  • Carson Division – Detroit – Championship Subdivision Winner
  • First Blue Banner wins since 2013
  • First time playing on Einstein since 2011

With the all the success that the team has had this year, and all that we have learned, we are very excited for next season’s challenge, Infinite Recharge, kicking off January, 2020.

Thank you to our alliance partners, WildStang students and mentors, and everyone for supporting WildStang through this year’s season, Destination: Deep Space. Special thanks to all of our sponsors. Without all of their help and support, this great season would not have been possible.