Kick Off Wrap Up





This weekend WildStang met at Elk Grove High School to participate in the 2020 FRC Kickoff. On Saturday, January 4th, the team watched the Kickoff

video filled with numerous guest speakers ranging from the founder of FIRST, Dean Kamen to various Star Wars actors (such as Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, and John Boyega) partnering with FIRST.

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The students were also able to watch Matt Denton, a British animatronics engineer, share his processes in making BB-8. Later in the video, the game, Infinite Recharge, was finally revealed (see 2020: Game Overview for more information on the game.) The team then delved into the game manual and examined the rules. After a quick lunch break provided by WRSA, the team split into groups of mixed grades and subteams to converse about strategy. These small groups provided students the ability to have more in-depth discussions where everyone could be heard. These conversations had many groups eventually ranking the importance and efficiency of each game objective. Following group discussions, the team came back together and each group summarized their findings. A myriad of innovative ideas was evaluated with the goal to make one optimal strategy. By the end of the day, WildStang students left with a better idea of the game and began thinking of robot designs for the next day.

On Sunday, January 5th, WildStang met once again at Elk Grove High School with the objective to explore possible robot designs. The day began with the students clarifying vague rules. The team then started organizing possible robot capabilities into categories based on needs, wants, and likes. These categories were considered based on whether the task leads to a ranking point (such as energizing the shields) or was of high point value (such as climbing.) With the basis established, the team separated into two different groups to discuss the design. A multitude of ideas was drawn out and critiqued. Halfway through the conversation, the team convened in the gym and ran simulations on various power-cell shooting techniques. Towards the end of the evening, the two groups reviewed each others’ findings and stated what needed to be prototyped.

Overall, this weekend was a great start to the build season. The team left Kickoff weekend excited for the game and brimming with creative ideas. WildStang, as a whole, can’t wait to see where this season goes and wishes the best of luck to other teams. May the force be with you.