Week 1 Wrap-Up



Week 1 Wrap-Up


During the first week of the 2020 build season, Wildstang accomplished a great deal. The mechanical, electrical, and software subteams focused on prototyping and planning out the robot while the field team busied themselves with building pieces for the playing field. The communications filmed everything along the way.

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The field team’s goal at the beginning of the week was to set up the upper scoring area of the power port for testing (for information on the game, check out the 2020: Game Overview). After completing their first goal, they began making the control panel and cleaning the carpet for further testing. Their priority for next week is to set up the bottom part of the power port (combining the two parts) and marking the zones on the practice carpet.

The mechanical team’s prototyping revolved around the shooting system and shooting locations. The team started the week with creating digital models of possible shooters and establishing distance. Later on, after field had set up the top goal, they started testing launch trajectories with various spins (back/front spins), exit speeds, compressions, and distances. The main goal was to see the relationship between the distance and accuracy of the shooting. Furthermore, the mechanical team had to decide whether WildStang is creating a short or tall robot. It was decided to make a short robot for the benefits of better mobility of the robot. For the upcoming week the mechanical team is focusing on further testing shooting systems and figuring out the organization of parts for the robot.

The electrical team focused on inventory and organization. At the beginning of the week they received new motors. The team decided to wire up the new motors and also organize the electrical drawer for the upcoming weeks. The team then moved on to set up a working drive base. During this, the more experienced students helped others acclimate to build season by showing them previous years drive bases. For this upcoming week the electrical team is hoping to finish organizing their inventory, testing batteries, and support the mechanical and software subteams in their prototyping. 

The software team started the week updating code. They updated the the driving code for the new 2020 system. They tested the code with the drive base created by electrical. In addition, software started setting up the base code for pathfinding and vision. Software is hoping to further prototype with the new Limelight camera they received, finish the basic pathfinding code, and start the basic subsystem (bits of code that has a specific job- ie climbing, shooting, autonomous) design.

The communications team have been working on their own projects. They started working on the logo for the team for this season, began the process of creating this year’s Chairman Award submission, and filmed the progression of other teams. This week the team wants to further develop logos, continue working on the Chairman’s Award essay, and continue filming.

The strategy team started working simulations. These simulations are for finding the theoretical maximum amount of points scored in the 2020 game. Their goal for next week is to establish the optimal shooting location and driver path for WildStang’s robot.

The first week of the 2020 build season for WildStang was productive. It was full of testing, modeling, building, and filming. The team is primed for another productive week and hopes that the other teams are doing just as well.