Week 2 Wrap Up



Week 2 Wrap Up


The mechanical subteam started this week out by continuing building prototypes. After deciding on a short robot, the subteam set out to work on robot design. They continued working on shooter ideas while also starting to brainstorm ideas regarding the hopper (a game piece collector) and feeder (transports game piece from the hopper to the shooter). 

  • DSCF1124
  • DSCF1115
  • DSCF1097
  • 100_1739
  • 100_1732
  • 100_1706
  • 100_1674
  • 100_1697

In the process, the mechanical team used CAD (3D digital modeling software). After modeling it out, the team used the CNC (router that cuts out models designed by the team) to create physical models of their designs to test with. The mechanical team’s goal for next week is to use CAD to further cement ideas for the various parts of the robot.

The software subteam created and edited the control panel subsystem. They worked on creating autonomous code and planning streamlined ways for our robot to play the game. In addition, the subteam learned more about the Limelight (a vision sensor that tracks reflective tape which will help with scoring balls during Infinite Recharge) and worked on getting it integrated into the 2020 FRC system. The software sub team’s goal is to further develop the robot controller code.

The electrical subteam wired up the drive base and got the new batteries ready for robot-use. The electrical and mechanical subteams worked together to educate themselves on different possibilities for WildStang’s 2020 robots through prototyping.

The communications subteam filmed and took pictures of the other subteams working on a daily basis. They also worked on creating blog and social media posts throughout the week. The communication subteam additionally researched button information. These buttons are used as giveaways at competitions to other teams and attendees, like swaps. Moreover, the subteam worked on designing logos for the season. Finally, they continued working on a WRSA (WildStang Robotics Support Association) video to send out to potential sponsors. Communication’s goal for the next week is to record the other sub teams, continue logo designs, and work on the WRSA sponsorship video.

The field subteam continued building the 2020 field. They have completed the bottom portion of the power port along with using reflective tape to designate areas around the field. Their goal for next week is to create the switch and attempt to build the trench area.