Build Season: Week 3




Build Season:

Week Three Wrap Up


Week three of build season was full of prototyping and testing. Every subteam worked hard while having a blast.

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The mechanical subteam started the week working on CAD (Computer Aided Design) to finalize the robot design. Furthermore, they continued testing with their shooter, flywheel, and hopper designs. For this coming week, the goal for the mechanical subteam is to add the finishing touches on CAD and to manufacture a working drive base to test the new falcon motors. The falcon motors were recently released by VEXpro (robot parts supplier.) They are more efficient and have greater power than the previous motors the team has used output, so fewer motors are needed for the robot.

The electrical subteam focused mostly on inventory. They worked on wiring up the new falcon motors. In addition to that, the electrical team took apart the 2019 robot and harvested parts for future use. Finally, the electrical subteam worked on creating a rudimentary electrical board to power the shooter and hopper for testing. This week the electrical subteam’s goal is to continue supporting the mechanical and software subteam in their prototyping. Additionally, they are working on getting the underclassman more acclimated to build season.

The software subteam continued work on the various subsystems which are parts of code that are used to control a specific action or mechanism on the robot. They worked on setting up Limelight which will help with shooter aim. In addition, they worked on polishing the subsystems for drive, driver control, and turret. By the end of this week the software subteam wants to complete a fully autonomous and moving turret system for the shooter. 

The field team has finished taping the boundaries on the playing field that delineate the areas where the robot is able to maneuver. They have also completed the bottom half of the power port (scoring area) and the base for the higher part of the power port. This will let the drive team simulate what will happen in a real match more accurately. In the coming week the field team will be adjusting the goal to be the correct weight. They will also be working on a switch (climbing area) that is associated with the end game period.

The communications subteam has been finishing up the pre-competition necessities. The buttons are currently in the design process with plans for special hexagonal buttons. They are working on completing the Chairman’s Award essay to document the team’s outreach and accomplishments for the Midwest Regional. This week they are working on updating the website to keep you up to date, finalizing the buttons, and starting progress on the tradition of pit awards that we hand out to other teams at competitions.

All in all, WildStang finished this week with the foundation of the robot design mostly done. This upcoming week’s objective is to polish up our robot design and continue advancing prototyping. WildStang robotics is ready for another fun week and hope other teams are also having fun!