Build Season: Week 4



Build Season: Week 4

Wrap Up


Week 4 was a very productive time for WildStang students. Everyone is in build-mode and eager to make progress on the robot. Each sub team is constantly making new discoveries and accomplishing their goals. 

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The WildStang team leaders have also been doing a phenomenal job leading our team and embracing our core values of respect, fun, effort, teamwork, responsibility, and learning. This week they split the students into groups and had them work together to compile lists on how we can better apply our core values during the build season. This was an engaging experience for upper and lower classmen alike.

The field sub team has been pounding away. They have made several beneficial improvements to the top goal including adding reflective tape to the top goal, remaking the top goal to be lighter, putting the ball catcher in the top goal, and stabilizing the top goal holder as well. Additionally, they have assisted mechanical and other sub teams in their prototyping.

The communications team has been hard at work and typing away. Everything from the Chairman’s Award to the Woodie Flowers nomination to the blog and even social media posts has been worked on in the past week. Many communications students are sharing the tasks of brainstorming, constructing, and revising the myriad of projects that are being worked on. Furthermore, the communications team has researched and finalized the button designs for our buttons to be used in competitions and other events.

The software sub team has been continuing their work on subsystems, which are areas of code designated for a specific action of part of the robot. Specifically they worked on the ball path, climbing, and control panel systems. They also worked on Limelight in hopes of having it set up to have the robot be able to aim for shots by itself. Their goal for this week is to work on the subsystem for the feeder system and make further progress aiming system for the turret.

This week the electrical team had a special consultation with Al Skierkiewicz, electrical subteam mentor. They conversed about how to wire up the robot in the most efficient way. In addition to that, the electrical sub team tested the falcon motors on the prototype to see if they hold promise to use on the final robot. Furthermore, they have started using the industry standardized Anderson Power Pole Connectors, which leads to less confusion in the system. Electrical’s goals for this upcoming week are to make progress on wiring the robot including the turret system, and laying out where everything goes.

The mechanical team focused on finalizing parts of the CAD, along with building the gear boxes, turret, and intake. They also decided to use Falcon motors for the rest of the competition season. Mechanical’s goals for this upcoming week is to assemble the drive tubes, which is what the robot rides on. These are important because it’s what the rest of the robot is built on and what the bumpers are attached to.In total, WildStang has had a great week 4 and we are excited to see all the advancements week 5 will bring!