Build Season: Week 6



Build Season:

Week Six


As week 6 comes to a close, Wildstang has been hard at work. Each sub team’s productivity has contributed to the team’s overall success. Our team leaders are also doing a remarkable job in guiding the students through the hectic build season. Our upperclassmen assist our lower classmen on a daily basis. 

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This is just one aspect of the WildStang team dynamics that results in our team’s cohesiveness and large output of strong leaders who are ready for the workforce.

This Mechanical team was very busy this week. The students began putting the bumpers on the robot. They did the majority of the intake and now are waiting on the belts. They also completed the hopper, which was a big achievement worth celebrating. Their main goal now is to finish the robot.

The Electrical team worked very efficiently this week. They installed the RIO, a type of control panel for electronics. They finished both wiring the subsystems and installing LEDs in the robot. The Electrical team’s goals for the upcoming week is to finish wiring the new subsystems mechanical is building, and installing the LED indicators.

The Software team got a lot done this week. They finished the ball path, which is where the balls are stored and move through in order to get launched into the goals. They also debugged and worked on the control panels. An innovative project our Software team is currently working on is a new system for monitoring attendance at our meetings using barcodes. The Software subteam’s goal for the following week is to fix and finalize all their code.

The Field team persevered this week. They started building the second trench, but are waiting for some pieces to be completed before they can finish it. They also helped set up the field for test runs and game simulations. Next week, the Field subteam hopes to finish the second trench, along with the generator switch legs.

The Communications team was virtually everywhere this week. They filmed all the subteams, making sure not to miss crucial advancements. They also got quotes for our custom hexagon buttons and finalized pit awards. In this upcoming week, the Communications subteam would like to move forward on the WildStang field handout, which is a packet containing descriptions of important aspects of the team that we will give to the judges.

To sum up, as the build season is winding down, the robot is getting near completion. The team has come so far and their first competition, Midwest Regional, is right around the corner. If you want to see for yourself what we have been up to, make sure to check out our robot reveal on Saturday, February 22nd at MacArthur Middle School!