Build Season: Week 7



Week Seven:

Wrap Up


As week 7 comes to a close, we could not be more proud of our WildStang teammates. This week everyone worked hard to make sure everything was ready for our open house. Every subteam accomplished their goals and was extremely productive.


The Software sub team continued to work on their barcode project which is a more efficient system to monitor attendance at WildStang meetings. They put the code into eclipse, a programming software, where they finalized code lines. In the upcoming week, the Software team hopes to begin working on the spreadsheet part of the barcode scanner and make sure it is error-free.

This week the Mechanical sub team was very busy. They not only finished the climbing mechanism but also tested the different subsystems with help from the Software team. They troubleshot some problems with the hopper, and they worked with the Communications team to put on a robot photoshoot to use for the upcoming robot reveal. Next week, the Mechanical team hopes to make sure that the robot is running well and up to code.

In the past few days, the Electrical sub team lit up the shop. They connected the falcon motors and installed numerous LEDs. They also rerouted CAN bus wires and finished up the circuit boards for the connectors and encoders. In the upcoming week, the Electrical team hopes to finish wiring the subsystems and installing the LEDs.

Throughout this week the Communications sub team continued to take pictures and videos of the team hard at work. In addition to the photoshoot with Mechanical, they worked on editing the robot reveal and a build season recap video, (seen above). In the upcoming weeks, Communication’s goal is to finalize the buttons and continue working on the Chairman’s video, which is needed to compete for the prestigious Chairman’s Award.

The Field sub team divided and conquered this week. Some members worked on finishing the generator switch, where the robots will climb during endgame, by constructing the remaining legs, while others improved the current trenches and completed the second trench. Next week, the Field team’s main goal is to make sure that everything is ready for the drive team to run the robot.

The team is looking forward to the upcoming Midwest Regional that will be at the Credit Union 1 Arena at UIC, March 6th & 7th. The entire team has been finishing up the final details of the robot, and we are ready to start competing!