Team Wrap Up – Week 2

Build Season Wrap Up

Week Two

Week 2 the week of 1-14 was very productive and a lot was learned. The team tested multiple things out, especially in mechanical. The Mechanical Sub-Team brainstormed for the prototype and then finalized in the idea for reaching levels two and three.


They tested cargo and hatch intake prototypes and completed the drive base in CAD. Mechanical also made new gearbox plates in CAD and had them cut out by a WildStang sponsor, Fermilab.

The Electrical Sub-Team worked on organizing supplies for the season and put a pneumatic system on the robot prototype to see how the climbing would work out on the endgame platform.

The Software Sub-Team has been working on setting up the new software for 2019 from FIRST to get the robot ready for the season.

The Communication Sub-team has been working on Pit Award names, Mentor Profiles and filming the busy week of WildStang. This was the first full week of robotics after winter break, so there was a ton of learning. It was a great week overall and the team is looking forward to next week!